Vince Rants

A New Era for Vince Rants

The Vince Rants web site has been reborn fom scratch!

HI, I'm Vince, and this web site is dedicated to one of the things I love to do most: ranting. 

This blog from here on out will focus on technical details of my work life, mostly revolving around specific niche configurations of key technologies. WOAH, that's a bunch of buzzwords! What do I mean? 

Over the past several years, I've identified (and in some cases helped fix) glitches in some of the worlds most popular open-source projects. Perhaps you've heard a few of these? They include PHP, HHVM, MariaDB, OPNsense, pfSense, phpMyAdmin, and even FreeBSD itself. The list is significantly larger, and the details of some are quite complex, so this blog will be dedicated to documenting what I've done in each of these.

But I'm not limiting this place to just ranting about bugs! OF course not. Additionally, some really nifty neato niche configurations that I use regularly to help producitivity and connectivity will be layed out in great detail. 

For now though, this is just a briefe intoduction while I debug this blog (oh wait, I wrote this entire framework, didn't I!?). So until more info is up, here is a link where I've been logging some of my contributions.

"Vince's list of open-source software contributions"

If you want to interact with me directly, I'm available often on FreeNode IRC in the following channels: #maria, #freenas, #opnsense, #bhyve, and #zerotier - don't have an IRC client? Neither do I! Just use their web chat interface