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Welcome to Vince Rants, a place where Vince, well, RANTS!

Hi, I'm Vince and this is my new home for the rants that I love to write from time to time. Previously these were spread out all over the place, be it Facebook, or traveling back through time to the glorious days of MySpace and LiveJournal. I'll be cleaning up and republishing several of my old rants here as well as authoring plenty of new ones! And, hey look, this "About" page is the first of the new rants!

What do I love to rant about so much though? Well, for starters, technology. This may seem like a dull and boring topic, but my rants are generally more about topics that directly affect end users. I love to rant about tech companies and government agencies which put policies into effect that harm the very consumers they're trying to protect.

Another topic I love to rant about is the current happenings in the global cosplay community. These people are awesome! Cosplay is a great hobby that I've met plenty of amazing people through. But my rants don't just stop there. I'm a very active photographer within this community, and many of my rants have to deal with First Amendment rights for photographers in the United States.

Oh wait, did I just go from Cosplay to Political? Very yes! Some of my rants here revolve around my work and hobbies, and the political landscape surrounding them. The various levels of government have nasty habits of attempting to create laws which impose on our basic rights to freely express ourselves and share said expressions with whomever we choose.

And lastly there are the arbitrary and random rants about whatever the hell I feel like at the time.